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Enthusiastic champion of standards, experienced design professional with a background of over 25 years. Interested in collaborative projects that use my powers for good. Love being in the sweet spot that combines geek and art. Bits bytes pixels points ems rems.


  • Over 25 years experience with both traditional and digital media.
  • Design, development, and production for a variety of nonprofit, community, and SMB clients.
  • Adept at balancing all aspects of information delivery--from print to web and beyond.
  • Unique combination of visual design skills, coupled with standards-compliant front-end development, and through understanding of project management, UX/UI, business goals, and best practices.
  • Proven track record of enthusiastic advocacy for collaborative and multidisciplinary teams.
  • Adept at creating client-specific solutions for a variety of design problems.
  • Mastery of both technical and fine art illustration.
  • Exhibitions include APAture 2002 and 2004, g1 studios 2003 ("Una Noche de Amor"), Oakland Open Studios 2007, and the 2012 Sketchbook Project.

Work Experience

Designer and Illustrator
Dogmo Studios | Oakland, CA
January 1993 - present

  • ACLU's #Powerthe14th Campaign. Fabulous collaborative effort honoring the legacy of the 14th Amendment. Responsible for all areas of UX/UI, responsive design, infographics, social media, and QA/testing.
  • Astraea Foundation's LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund. Website design and build from the ground up for this exciting new fund. This project took disparate sources of data, UX/UI research with a cross-section of funders and Astraea staff to build a modern, responsive site, with a highly customized Wordpress back- and front-end.
  • Annual report for Code for All and the design of individual Case Studies for each of their 2013 partners (Code for the Caribbean, Code for Mexico City, Code for Germany) and for the Code for All program (PDF files).
  • Geography at UC Berkeley. This project updated the existing website design to be responsive and work with modern browsers and devices, while also moving them into a custom Wordpress setup. We were responsible for all facets of the project from start to finish.
  • Cal Alumni Association of UC Berkeley. CAA's site was revamped to have a common look/feel across three distinct departments, while featuring custom branding for the California Magazine and the Lair. Our responsibilities included: project management, UX/UI, design, and front-end development. The back-end was built in-house using Drupal.
  • Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. UX, Front-end design and development for the public facing websites for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.
  • APALC (now Asian Americans Advancing Justice). This site involved a broad cross-section of voices and was one of the most successful design by committee projects I've ever worked on. The migration to Drupal was handled by Trestle Media. I was responsible for all stages of the project from exploratory/planning meetings with all levels of the APALC team, to project management and UX, to design and front-end development. (They have since rebranded as Advancing Justice, but kept the design we created.)
  • The California State Labor Commissioner's Office and the UCLA Labor Center worked together to design a series of popular education materials to support the Labor Commissioner's campaign to reach as broad an audience as possible while raising awareness of worker's rights. They brought me on to design six large format brochures and a worker calendar, each translated into as many as six languages. (Example: Wage Theft brochure, PDF)
  • Report on the State of the DLSE was an ambitious project highlighting the incredible work accomplished by the State Labor Commissioner Julie Su and the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement. This project required the distillation of vast datasets into a succinct and coherent design (PDF).
  • Recipient of 2nd Place Award at Change.org's first-ever Hack for Change contest. Part of a three-person team, provided design, UX, strategy for AnonyMouse, an SMS/mobile/web app that connects LBGT youth with mentors that can safely and anonymously answer difficult questions.
  • Created promotional materials (including a billboard!) for Amnesty USA's first ever Shine a Light on Human Rights award presented to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. It was a particular honor to have the opportunity to work with the artwork of one of my heroes, Shepard Fairey.

UX Designer
Little Passports | San Francisco, CA
June 2017 - June 2018

  • Integration of all levels of UX design for a rapidly growing children’s brand and commerce platform.
  • Design and development of a new COPPA compliant domain, working in close collaboration with internal and external partners to create custom interactive content and to update existing materials.
  • Management of cross-functional initiatives and priorities for site enhancements, e-commerce UX/UI, customer retention, churn reduction, and high value promotions.
  • Augmentation of front-end processes to include more robust responsive design, development, and testing.
  • Redesign of main subscription pages, resulting in an immediate positive change to the overall mix shift.
  • Design and implementation of a new one-stop renewal process, creating a more cohesive user experience from initial emails to the optimized final cart experience.
  • Creation of unique visual experiences for a variety of user-facing products including Little Passport’s blog, providing a robust traffic driver to the site via organic search.
  • Multiple responsibilities include graphic design, front-end design (including expert knowledge of SCSS, HTML, and working knowledge of JS, JQuery), collaboration with Marketing, Project Management, and Product Design teams.

Interactive Designer
PC World, Macworld | San Francisco, CA
April 2010 - January 2011

  • Enthusiastic advocate for collaborative problem solving to bring ideas from proof of concept to implementation and delivery.
  • Strong knowledge of technical and design challenges within web, print and mobile applications.
  • Passionate about exploration/learning new software/skills/technologies to discover the best solutions for any problem.
  • Responsible for rapid prototyping and implementation of custom ad programs, social media initiatives, emerging ad technologies and other web solutions for advertisers on PCWorld.com and Macworld.com
  • Development of editorial art, interactive illustrations, and other online assets for PCWorld.com
  • Providing creative and technical interface with our various web teams: Development, Edit, Sales, Ad/Agency contacts, Ad Operations, Business Development, and Marketing.
  • Utilization of Scrum/Agile Software Development practices, Eclipse, and Subversion to address bugs and other tasks as needed.

Production Services Manager, Print/Online
PCWorld, GamePro, Macworld | San Francisco, CA
October 2002 - April 2010

  • Prepress, proofing, and troubleshooting for over 120 advertiser files monthly.
  • Responsible for all aspects of traffic--advertiser contact, file troubleshooting, printer liason, proofer maintenance, financial/paperwork checks. Zero production makegoods in over 7 years.
  • Responsible for converting the TIFFIT/P1 workflow to 100% PDF/X-1a workflow.
  • Calibration and maintenance of proofing equipment.
  • Online production--responsible for translating print articles to XML, working with App Dev, Edit, and Art. Troubleshooting XML and HTML files. Updating static HTML pages as needed. Pushing pages and images live using CMS and in-house tools.
  • Review and troubleshooting of XSLT, feedback for updating internal schema.
  • Licensing--primary contact from 2003-2006 (when the feeds were moved from push to pull) for all monthly feeds. Responsible for generating and pushing the feeds, and troubleshooting issues.
  • AdOps tasks as needed--scheduling newsletters in DART, online graphics on immediate turnaround. Updating static online pages using CMS system.
  • Traffic, prepress, and troubleshoot all ads for Gamepro's monthly magazine.
  • Manage all aspects of production for Gamepro's quarterly Wii Guide.
  • Design of Flash and online graphics for Macworld.com and Macworld newsletters.

Senior Online Designer
PCWorld.com | San Francisco, CA
June 1999 - December 2000

  • Web and Print Design, HTML, Javascript, Information Architecture, Graphics.
  • Involvement at all levels of research, development and design for PCWorld.com and its network of sites.
  • Supervision of production artists and outside contractors.
  • Development of training and assessment program for entry-level production artists and designers.
  • Technical liaison for the Business Development, Audience Development, and Online Marketing staff.
  • Responsible for consistent branding within all collateral materials from print and online advertising to co-branded sites and new products.

Treasurer and Mural Artist
San Francisco, CA
June 1997 - October 2000

Treasurer, Board of Directors | Precita Eyes Mural Center

  • Responsible for the business and operational decisions for a community-based arts organization.
  • Administration of over $250,000 annually.
  • Implementation of a Capital Campaign to raise over $500,000.
  • Member of the Marketing/Development Committee and the Capital Campaign Committee.

Mural Designer and Painter

  • Participating artist on several murals throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Responsible for all levels of planning, design, color consultation, illustration and painting.
  • Organization, publicity, and supervision for community paint-ins involving over 300 volunteers and students.
  • Presentations and meetings with the Arts Commission, Parks and Recreation, and the Chinatown Resource Center.

Marketing Communications Coordinator and Graphic Designer
DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc. | Berkeley, CA
February 1998 - May 1999

  • Website design, Information Architecture, HTML Coding, and Maintenance.
  • Programming and content of web-based marketing materials.
  • Development of graphic elements and user interface for corporate website.
  • Advertisement design, product catalog layout and design, package design, tradeshow graphics, and corporate identity.
  • Management of $350,000 annual budget: Advertising, Product Catalog, Tradeshows and all other Collateral Materials.
  • Responsible for negotiations with publications that generated over $20,000 in savings.
  • All level of conference services: Tradeshow marketing, planning, coordination and execution of events.
  • Mechanical diagrams, file conversions and software support.


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ACLU's #Powerthe14th Campaign

Dogmo Studios was honored to partner with the ACLU of Northern California in honoring the legacy of the 14th Amendment [...]

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ewee@dogmo.com | 510-IS-DOGMO

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We're thrilled to support people doing amazing work, using powers for good, and generally making the world a better place:


HTML, SASS/CSS, JQUERY, PHP, Agile workflow, UX/UI, Iterative design, Prototyping, CMS systems (Wordpress, Drupal), Adobe CS, Information architecture


Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts
Amherst College | Amherst, MA

  • Established strong foundation in Fine Arts and Studio Art Practice.
  • Main topics explored included painting, printmaking, and illustration.
  • Additional concentration in Geology.
  • Exhibitions include APAture 2002 and 2004, g1 studios 2003 ("Una Noche de Amor") and Oakland Open Studios 2007.


Pants...No Pants

After a good 7 years running Dogmo Studios, I got an offer I couldn't refuse and spent a year wearing pants and working at a sweet little edu-startup (see Little Passports on my résumé and samples of work for more info).

The pants forecast for the second half of 2018 is unclear, but there's much afoot, including an inspiring collaboration with the good folks at the ACLU of Northern California on their #Powerthe14th Campaign.

Whirlwind!...Whadda ride!
The cobbler's children and all that, we've been too busy to tend to our own site! (Not complaining, mind you...). We wanted to stop and at least thank you (yes, you!) for the fantastic few years we've had. Here's to many more! (Let us know if we can be of any help!)

Using our powers...
Recipient of 2nd Place Award at Change.org's first-ever Hack for Change contest. Part of a three-person team, provided design, UX, strategy for AnonyMouse, an SMS/mobile/web app that connects LBGT youth with mentors that can safely and anonymously answer difficult questions.

...for good
Created promotional materials (including a billboard!) for Amnesty USA's first ever Shine a Light on Human Rights award presented to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

It's the end of the world! (aka 2012):
Building on the momentum from 2011, we're growing Dogmo Studios into a bootstrap distributed agency. This gives us the ability to reach more clients and provide more comprehensive services--all while keeping things lean and agile. (Just the way we like!)

Jumping off the cliff:
Started 2011 by taking the plunge, and dedicating myself to a little startup venture of my own. Focussed on extending skillsets in visual design, UX/UI, and mobile/web development.

Spent 2010 on PCWorld | Macworld's design team as an Interactive Designer (Front-end coding in HTML/CSS, Wireframing and mockups in Photoshop/Illustrator, Interactive designs utilizing JQuery and Flash. Storyboarding, SVN/Eclipse, Agile Development Process).

Mobile venture:
Responsible for all aspects of design and illustration for Weetwoo! Kids Video iPhone app.

Random goodness:
Inordinately fond of: bright/shiny and salty/spicy. If I could find the time, I'd get back into Training hard this year (2016!) and doing as many outrigger races as I can handle...fingers crossed for Pailolo and Na Wahine O Ke Kai. As of 2017/2018, did both Pailolo and the Na Pali Challenge! (Na Wahine still on the bucket list!)