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At a relatively young age, I had the distinction of being the only kid I knew that got tossed out of both choir and piano. Apparently I was just that uninspired in my musical talents. But as it turns out, that was a fantastic bit of luck, as I ended up finding my way to oil painting (who even lets their kids play with turpentine?...), and somehow my ill-spent youth became an ill-spent adulthood. Which then led (tangentially) to a remarkably awesome career in design...

Now I roam the streets, with at least a sketchbook or three, my trusty fine tipped pens (no, you can't borrow them, sorry), and sometimes even a set of paints. This growing up thing is really working out for me.

What happened to the last five years?!? Guess we've been a bit busy (all to the good!), and our site's been a bit neglected. Never fear, we're still here, plugging away. Here's a few places you can catch us that might be a little more up-to-date. Or check back, we'll be updating things here over the next year.

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